Hackathon Developer Resources

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Symmetry offers a decentralized Crypto Indices and Actively Managed Funds infrastructure layer on Solana via onchain programs and SDKs called Symmetry Engine.

Recommended RPC Providers


Helius provides unparalleled performance, reliability, and domain expertise as Solana’s leading RPC Infrastructure. Unlike other providers, Helius exclusively supports Solana and is laser-focused on providing the best possible RPC experience.

Sign up for Helius' free plan and then get a 50% discount for the developer plan as you scale up (no bots).

Triton One

Triton One provides high-performance bare-metal RPC servers for Solana applications. Triton specializes in dedicated servers and custom deployments. Triton also offers a global shared RPC pool perfect for web3 front ends. Call Triton when you’re ready to scale up.

Triton’s private devnet and testnet are always free, see https://triton.one/ for details.

Additional Offers


SolanaFM is a next-generation block explorer focused on providing access to readable Solana data. 100 coupons are available for participants of the Solana Renaissance Hackathon to get full access to the Developer (Legacy) tier on SolanaFM APIs:

  • Coupons will be available in their discord at the start of the hackathon, in a dedicated channel.

Learn more about SolanaFM APIs here: docs.solana.fm/reference


SonarWatch is an all-in-one tracking dashboard that empowers your DeFi journey. They are offering free Portfolio API Access to hackathon participants:

The token will expire after the end of the Hackathon, so please contact their team for further access to the API!

Vybe Network

Vybe network is an analytics platform and API provider for easy to use, parsed & enriched Solana data. Vybe is offering free developer tier API Access to hackathon participants.

Get your API keys through the Vybe discord by opening a support ticket.


Shyft is a Solana application development platform offering a comprehensive solution for quick dapp development with RPCs, simplified APIs, callbacks, and GraphQL APIs for indexed data of any program on Solana.

Colosseum participants can accelerate dApp development with a free hack plan for 10 applicants, and an additional 30% off any other plans.

Learn more about Shyft's offering: https://docs.shyft.to

Fill out the form to get a free hack plan: https://forms.gle/EZnc5g3ojFuvwVMA9

Mad Shield

Mad Shield is a leading auditor and security expert in the Solana ecosystem. They offer in-depth code reviews with multiple 1-on-1 sessions with your core engineering team, among other benefits.

Learn more: madshield.xyz


Sec3 is a Solana-native full stack security research and auditing company offering manual code reviews as well as automated security tools. Sec3 is offering free access to X-Ray and discount audits for hackathon participants.

  • X-Ray: static analysis scanning of Solana Smart Contracts covering 50 of the most common vulnerabilities.

To get access to X-Ray or book a consultation about code audits, please reach out on telegram to @vibes8760 (Head of BD).