Where Crypto Founders Start their Journey

Colosseum hackathons are not traditional hackathons. They are global, online competitions where talented developers and founding teams sprint over multiple weeks to start building impactful products with scalable business models.

Over $600 million raised by hackathon winners in the past 3 years

60,000+ participants from across the world have competed in Solana hackathons, built thousands of products, and winning teams have raised funding from the best investors in crypto.

  • Stepn
  • Tensor
  • Mango
  • Dialect
  • Genopets
  • Jito Labs
  • Marinade
  • Hubble
  • TipLink
  • Drift
  • Portals
  • Squads
  • SolanaFM
  • Switchboard
  • Sphere
  • Solend
  • Crossmint
  • Light Protocol
  • Zeta
  • IONet

Join Colosseum's Community

Colosseum runs 2-3 online hackathons per year, each followed by an accelerator cohort. Sign up for a Colosseum account, create a builder profile, search to find cofounders, and share product ideas in the forum before the next hackathon.

Interested in sponsoring the hackathon?

Top ecosystem founders, developers, and investors collaborate with Colosseum to judge and contribute to the hackathons. Google Cloud, Stripe, Microsoft, Coinbase, Amazon Web Services, and a diversity of Solana's leading companies have sponsored previous hackathons to provide builders the smoothest experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Colosseum hackathons?
Do I need to register first before submitting a project?
Are Colosseum hackathons for new projects, and who is eligible to win?
Where can I access developer resources?
Where can I ask technical questions during the hackathon?
Can I submit a project individually or do I need to join a team?
Even though Colosseum’s hackathon is online, are there in-person events I can attend while working on my hackathon project?
Do I need to be technical to join a Colosseum hackathon?
Where can I find project ideas?
What is the required information in the project submission form?
How will projects be judged?
May I submit multiple projects?
If I win the hackathon, am I required to join Colosseum’s Accelerator?
What is the Colosseum Code of Conduct?
Will all builders who submit a hackathon project receive feedback?
What is Colosseum’s relationship with the Solana Foundation?