From Devnet to Mainnet

Colosseum’s accelerator is a six-week, online program designed specifically for hackathon winners to become embedded in the Solana ecosystem, rapidly iterate to find product-market fit, and raise seed funding faster. The program includes access to an exclusive founder community, 1:1 mentorship, weekly educational sessions, and an upfront investment from Colosseum.

In order to be considered for the program, founders are required to participate and be selected as a winner in a Colosseum hackathon. We host 2-3 hackathons per year, each followed by an accelerator cohort.

Colosseum’s Standard Investment

Colosseum invests $250,000 in every startup accepted into the accelerator on founder-friendly terms.

Colosseum’s support doesn’t end once founders graduate from the accelerator. At Colosseum’s core is a community that founders can rely on to guide them throughout their journey. Founders will continue to have access to the private groups and tools provided via our online platform.

Our investment is made upfront when the program starts.

The investment is made through a SAFE + token warrant structure.

Accelerator Platform

Once admitted into the Accelerator, founders will have access to an exclusive section of Colosseum’s platform that includes private discussions with ecosystem founders, a knowledge base of content related to building a crypto startup, and a directory of investor ratings and connections.

Build with Benefits

Founders accepted into the accelerator program will receive a growing set of perks to help their startups get off the ground.

Interested in offering a perk? Get in touch.

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Is the Accelerator in-person or online?
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