Colosseum's Code of Ethics

Colosseum at its core is a community of highly motivated builders who are dedicated to growing the crypto economy. Our community not only supports each other in that mission, but also follows a code of ethics.

To maintain a sustainable, collaborative, and positive sum community over the long-term, it is very important builders across the hackathon, accelerator, and alumni network follow shared ethical standards.

If a member of our community breaks the code, Colosseum reserves the right to ban them from our platform, participating in our hackathons, joining our accelerator, and/or being part of our alumni network.

We expect all community members to abide by the following principles:

  • Do communicate honestly with members in the community, external investors, and your users.
  • Do treat others with respect during hackathons and (if applicable) the accelerator program.
  • Do ensure off-the-record and internal communications with Colosseum and other community members are kept confidential. This includes internal emails, private posts, and other messages sent during the accelerator program.
  • Do not post inappropriate content on community forums.
  • Do not threaten, harass, or discriminate against members of the community.
  • Do not spam or shill irrelevant information internally or externally via community forums.
  • Do not break any laws in the jurisdiction in which you live.

Startups operate in highly competitive markets, and we want to foster a competitive drive in every Colosseum founder. However, please do not let your competitive nature result in behaving in an abusive or unethical manner.

Colosseum will be there throughout your crypto journey to support and guide you, but in return we ask that you follow the Code of Ethics.