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Join the world's most competitive online hackathons, where elite crypto builders launch startups on Solana. Select hackathon winners are accepted into Colosseum's accelerator to establish their products, access an exclusive founder network, and receive pre-seed capital from Colosseum.






The Solana Foundation's next hackathon is happening now!

Colosseum powers Solana hackathons

  • 60,000+
  • 4,000+
    products launched
  • $600M
    raised by winners

Top ecosystem founders got their start in Solana hackathons

  • Stepn
  • Tensor
  • Mango
  • Dialect
  • Genopets
  • Jito Labs
  • Marinade
  • Hubble
  • TipLink
  • Drift
  • Portals
  • Squads
  • SolanaFM
  • Switchboard
  • Sphere
  • Solend
  • Crossmint
  • Light Protocol
  • Zeta
  • IONet

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Colosseum runs 2-3 online hackathons per year, each followed by an accelerator cohort. Sign up for a Colosseum account, create a builder profile, search to find cofounders, and share product ideas in the forum before the next hackathon.

What Crypto Twitter X is Saying

  • toly



    Cofounder, Solana Labs

    Solana hackathons are the YC of crypto is an understatement

  • Solana Legend

    Solana Legend


    Managing Partner, Frictionless Capital

    Solana has the strongest product focus and hackathon program in all of crypto

    And it’s not even close ...

  • ilmoi



    Cofounder, Tensor

    @tensor_hq started as hackathon project! One of the best ways to get eyes on your early idea 👀

  • noodles



    Founder, Rage Trade

    For the unaware, Solana hackathons are a big fking deal.

    The best VCs. The best founders. The best buidlers. And some rando celebrities too. ...

  • Phil Kwok

    Phil Kwok


    Cofounder, EasyA

    Safe to say @mattytay pioneered a new growth model for blockchains with Solana’s select few top-quality hackathons. ...

  • buffalu



    Cofounder, Jito Labs

    ... if you’re on the fence about building on solana and want an excuse to get your hands dirty, highly recommend participating